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You are a help desk technician responding to a ticket that states the user’s laptop optical drive is no longer working. The user indicates that the drive is only used to exchange large files with another user who has poor network service.

Which of these would be the most cost-effective and convenient solution to this help desk ticket?

Offer the user an external hard drive.
[Optical drives are of decreasing relevance to mobile computing. It is more cost-effective to use an external drive as a replacement.]

When upgrading the system board with a Ball Grid Array, which of these steps would NOT be required to perform?

Remove the CPU.
[CPUs that use Ball Grid Array (BGA) sockets are soldered to the motherboard and therefore are not upgradeable. They still require you to detach the stand-offs, update the chipset driver, and allow Windows Plug-and-Play.]

Which of these would you typically want to replace with the same Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part on a laptop?

A smart card reader
[Smart card readers support authentication, typically need to be replaced by the same Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part and are connected to the motherboard using a data transfer cable.]

You need to connect to the guest wireless network in your corporate environment. What could you install in a laptop that did not have wireless capabilities, so you can connect to the guest WiFi?

A Mini PCIe adapter
[You can obtain "wireless" mini PCIe or M.2 adapters for laptops that will provide WiFi functionality. Note that you may need to install a new antenna kit.]

After troubleshooting power problems, you notice the Direct Current (DC) socket on your laptop is damaged. What is a good skill you should learn if you want to replace the DC Jack in your laptop?

[The DC jack can become loose or the jack itself can become separated from the motherboard. To replace it you have to de-solder and remove the old jack, then solder the new jack into place.]

After troubleshooting you have determined you need to replace the system board in your laptop, and you feel this is a good opportunity to upgrade the CPU. Given this situation, which of the following would you need to do?

Detach the standoffs.
[When replacing the system board, you need to detach the stand-offs that hold the board to the chassis.]

You want to upgrade the old video card in a laptop to high-end dedicated graphics. Your goal is to turn it into a gaming machine to replace your desktop. What problems might you face when trying to accomplish this?

The laptop could over-heat.
[Few laptop video cards are actually upgradeable, though they may be replaceable. This is because high-end cards tend to have specific power and cooling requirements and a modular approach is not possible given the limited space available.]

For maximum performance, what type of Double Data Rate (DDR) Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) memory module should be used when upgrading RAM in a laptop?

[SODIMM DDR4, although more expensive, will give you the best performance in a laptop. It has 260 pins and is installed into slots on the motherboard that pop-up at a 45-degree angle.]

A user brings you a new mobile device whose non-removable battery life is very short. The user does not use location services or spend any exceptional time watching videos or playing games. What do you advise the user do to prolong the device's battery life?

Turn off Bluetooth and cellular service and use Wi-Fi instead.
[In this case, the user can maximize battery life by turning off Bluetooth and cellular service when Wi-Fi is available to save power.]

What holds the antenna wires for the Wi-Fi adapter in a laptop?

The laptop display screen
[The laptop display screen holds the antenna wires for the Wi-Fi adapter. These are connected to the adapter via internal wiring. The antenna wires are usually routed around the screen in the laptop's lid.]

Which of these laptop displays uses backlighting technology and requires an inverter?

[LCD (TFT) backlight is a fluorescent bulb that illuminates the image, making it bright and clear. An inverter supplies the correct AC voltage to the backlight from the laptop's DC power circuits.]

You are troubleshooting an older laptop with a thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display (LCD TFT) screen that is very dim and flickering. You have determined that the LCD graphics adapter is installed and is functioning properly. What is most likely the problem?

The inverter has failed.
[LCD (TFT) displays require an inverter. Flickering and dimness of the display are signs the inverter has failed. You can test this with a bulb or multimeter.]

You have spent days troubleshooting a laptop touchscreen that is non-responsive and have ruled out any software problems or physical damage. You have determined there is something wrong with the digitizer itself. What would be the best solution at this point?

Replace the whole unit.
[Removing a faulty digitizer from an existing display can be tricky. It might be cheaper to replace the whole unit, depending on the cost of parts.]

You have replaced your desktop computer with a powerful gaming laptop. However, you have run out of ports to connect your peripherals and you need an expansion card for an extra NIC. How can you overcome this limitation?

Connect the laptop to a docking station.
[A laptop is limited in the number of peripherals that can connect to it. When docked, a portable computer can function like a desktop, expanding the amount ports and adding a full size expansion card.]

Every time you connect your laptop to the USB docking station, the monitor also connected continuously flickers on and off. If you do not need to connect any additional full-size expansion cards, what is the best solution to solve this problem?

Connect the laptop to a proprietary port replicator.
[Most port replicators use proprietary connectors. There are USB versions, but their performance can be a bit erratic.]

What can you do on your laptop if your cursor jumps around the screen unintentionally?

Toggle off the touchpad Function key.
[The touchpad can interfere with typing, causing the cursor to jump around. A touchpad toggle Function (Fn) key allows you to disable it.]

What is the easiest way to quickly turn off the Wi-Fi adapter on your Windows laptop?

Toggle the radio Function key.
[You can toggle the radio for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular data, and/or Global Positioning System (GPS) on and off with the radio function key.]

You find that your Global Positioning System (GPS) service on your Android device is not functioning, which makes using map programs impossible. How do you troubleshoot this problem?

Verify that app-specific location services are enabled.
[Individual apps have their own location services settings and you should verify that they are enabled for the apps that use GPS.]

What is the main distinction between a tablet and a smartphone?

A tablet is larger than a smartphone.
[Most smartphones have a screen size between 4.5"" and 5.7"". Tablets tend to be sized at around either 10"" or 7"" screens. Both smartphones and tablets have the same functionality.]

You want to secure your smartphone that contains highly sensitive data. What would you NOT recommend if you wanted to prevent the data from being stolen?

Enforce single factor authentication.
[Mobile device unlock methods are almost always single factor. Multifactor authentication is much better as authentication methods are stronger when they are combined.]

Users often purchase extra battery packs for their devices; however, there is a downside to having extra battery packs. What is the downside?

The battery packs also have to be charged.
[The negative aspect of battery packs is that they too must be charged, and often battery pack charging takes several hours to complete a full charge.]

When taking a trip via an airplane, what is the best solution for your smart device when complying with airline regulations before take-off?

Turn the device off.
[Most airlines prevent flyers from using radio-based devices while onboard a plane, and some carriers insist that devices must be switched off completely at times such as take-off and landing.]

What is used by the GSM network to identify valid devices and can be used to stop stolen phones from accessing the network?

[Under GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication), a handset is identified by an IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity). It is used by the GSM network to identify valid devices and can be used to stop stolen phones from accessing the network.]

Your coworkers want to be able to check their web-based email on their phones. They have a wide range of service providers, including Google, Yahoo!, Outlook, and iCloud. How can you help them incorporate these email services into their mobile phones?

By downloading the provider's official app from the mobile device's store
[Most major web-based email providers have an official app available on Google Play, Windows Store, and the App Store, that can easily integrate a user's email account with their mobile device.]

How can you get PRI/PRL updates pushed to your handset over a CDMA network?

Dial a special code.
[Usually PRI and PRL updates are pushed as an over the air update. To update you dial a special code (unique to each provider).]

Which of these are you NOT required to do when configuring an Exchange ActiveSync account?

Enter the domain name.
[Exchange is usually an integrated provider option and clients can autodiscover the correct settings. When manually configuring an Exchange ActiveSync account there is often a field for a domain but this is usually left blank.]

When using an open public hotspot, which of these does NOT protect the user from an attacker sniffing the traffic?

A captive portal
[A business may set up an open access point to allow public access. When using a public hotspot, anyone else joined to the wireless network and the owner of the hotspot can easily intercept traffic passing over it.]

A user reports that their email client is failing to receive email and after a quick review of the issue, it appears to be an email decryption issue. What should you attempt to perform first as a workaround?

Help the user log into a webmail browser or attempt to access their email with a different email client.
[You should first attempt to log into the user's email using a webmail browser or other email client. This helps determine if the issue is with the email client or on the web server's side.]

What type of non-proprietary email protocol would you use if you needed to access emails from multiple devices?

[Choose IMAP (Internet Mail Access Protocol) if you are viewing and accessing the mail from multiple devices. IMAP stores messages on the server and the client accesses the emails stored on the IMAP server.]

What purpose could jailbreaking a handset serve?

To prevent baseband updates to the handset
[A handset that has been jailbroken or rooted might be able to be configured to prevent baseband updates or apply a particular version manually.]

What is the key attribute of Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) that makes it different from Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3)?

Emails are stored on a remote server until the user deletes them.
[With Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP), emails are stored on a central server and are visible from any device that has access to the email account. Emails are stored on the server until the user decides to delete them.]

Which of these is an outgoing email protocol?

[SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is an outgoing email protocol and internet standard. It is used by clients and servers to send electronic mail.]

You have noticed unintentional behavior from your tablet. For example, the tablet is autoconnecting to WiFi networks and hotspots without prompting you and the WiFi radio is turning itself on. What is most likely the problem?

There is a malicious app installed on the device.
[If you notice unintentional behavior however, such as connecting to a Wi-Fi network without prompting or the Wi-Fi radio turning itself on, suspect that a malicious rogue app has been installed.]

What type of email protocol would you use if you only needed to access emails from a single device?

[POP (Post Office Protocol) will download the mail to the device, removing it from the server mailbox]

Which of these is NOT an issue when syncing music files?

Storing the files on an Exchange server
[Email systems store messages on IMAP, Exchange and web mail servers. Music can be synced to a cloud or directly between devices.]

According to its system requirements, what operating systems can iTunes app run on?

Windows 7 or later, and MAC OS X 10.8.5 or later
[At the time of writing, the system requirements for iTunes are a 1 GHz PC with 512 MB RAM, 400 MB free disk space, and Windows 7 or later or any Mac running OS X 10.8.5 or later.]

What is the best solution if you want your data to be synchronized between a Samsung smartphone and desktop PC without an internet connection?

Connect the smartphone to the desktop PC.
[Historically, data synchronization would most often take place between a single smartphone and desktop PC. You might use the PC to back up data stored on the smartphone for instance, or to sync calendar and contact records.]

You are setting up a new iPhone for an end-user. What can you implement to streamline the user's credentials?

SSO (Single Sing On) can be implemented with one set of credentials.
[SSO (Single Sign On) means that one service accepts the credentials from another service. A true single sign-on environment means that you authenticate once to access many services.]

What do you need if you want to control your in-vehicle navigation system from your smartphone?

A head unit
[If supported, a smartphone can be used to "drive" the head unit so the navigation features from your smartphone will appear on the display (simplified for safe use while driving).]