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Which Windows 10 edition was designed to allow network administrators more control over client devices?

Windows 10 Pro
[Windows 10 Pro was designed for small and medium-sized businesses. The "Professional" edition comes with networking and management features designed to allow network administrators more control over each client device.]

The video card on your computer only has a single, 24-pin grey output, but you want to connect it to an HD TV. Which adapter should you use to connect your computer's digital signal to your HD TV's to display video?

DVI to HDMI adapter
[You would use a DVI to HDMI adapter. The connector on your video card may not always be shown in a grey color, but a 24-pin digital signal would be a DVI-D (dual link) port that can connect your computer's digital signal to an HD TV's.]

Which of the following will be the first to receive heat leaving a processor?

Thermal paste
[Thermal paste (or Thermal grease) is designed to conduct heat traveling between two elements. In this case, thermal paste allows heat to efficiently leave the processor and travel to the heat sink.]

What is the defining quality of a network-based printer?

It is managed by a network computer called a print server.
[The defining aspect of a network-based printer is that it is managed by a network computer called a print server. The print server holds the print queue, not the networked printer. ]

Which of these technologies replaced Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (PATA)?

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA)
[Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) is the standard means of attaching internal storage drives to a desktop PC. It has superseded the legacy Parallel ATA (PATA) technology.]

What do the terms "cloud printing" and "remote printing" refer to?

The ability to print from a mobile device that normally doesn't have print capabilities
[As the prevalence of mobile devices continues to increase, the ability to print from mobile devices that don't usually have the ability to print is becoming more important. This is referred to as remote printing or cloud printing.]

What is the main advantage of selecting a 64-bit operating system over a 32-bit operating system?

The ability to access more than 4 GB of RAM
[To access more than 4 GB of RAM, you will need a 64-bit operating system (OS). 32-bit is limited to 4 GB of RAM, and in some cases 3.25 GB. Many computers today, especially custom computers such as virtualization systems and gaming computers, require more than 4 GB of RAM so a 64-bit OS is the only choice.]

Which of the following connectors can have audio and video pass through it?

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)
[The High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is the most widely used graphic device interface. HDMI supports both video and audio digital streams, plus remote control and digital content protection.

Which type of RAID level does NOT offer protection from a single drive failure?

[RAID 0 (Striping without Parity) is not fault-tolerant. If one drive fails, all data in the RAID 0 array is lost requiring data to be recovered from a backup. It should not be used for mission-critical systems.]

You need to build out the networking for your small local business. You have purchased a core switch and will pull home runs to each of the devices. What type of cabling will you use to connect your network?

Use a RJ-45 cable.
[A RJ-45 (Registered Jack) connector is used with twisted pair cable for Ethernet local area networking products with RJ-45 ports, such as the core switch you have installed.]

An ordinary office environment needs computers that have multiple user account settings where each user is allocated private data storage. What type of workstations would you build for this environment?

Build a thick client.
[A thick (or standard) client is an ordinary “office” PC. It will be used to run locally installed desktop
Applications. A thick client can be configured with multiple user accounts with each having its own private data storage folders

What type of display technology is known for providing very good color reproduction and better viewing angles?

In-Plane Switching (IPS)
[In-Plane Switching (IPS) provides better color reproduction and better viewing angles than its viable alternative Twisted Nematic (TN).]

Which of the following is a feature specific to a tablet versus an eBook reader?

It has a backlit LCD screen.
[Tablets use backlit LCD screens, whereas eBook readers have E Ink screens. Tablets are backlit and emit light.]

Which of these attributes describe the Small Form Factor (SFF) case designs?

Used for entertainment systems requiring a very limited number of components
[Small Form Factor (SFF) case designs are semi-portable, space-saving designs typically used for domestic entertainment "Media Center" systems. They are usually cube-like or super slimline. SFF cases can only fit a limited number of components.]

You are building a new server and need to ensure that it has the highest achievable disk fault tolerance. Which type of RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) do you need?

[RAID 10 is a combination of both RAID 0 (Striping without Parity) and RAID 1 (Mirroring). This configuration provides a high level of fault tolerance.]

Space is at a minimum in a user’s office. You have been tasked with building out the smallest system you can for this user. What motherboard form factor would you choose?

Mini-ITX (mITX)
[Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs often use VIA Technologies’ mITX (Mini-ITX) form factor. mITX is 6.7” wide by 6.7” deep (170x170mm) with one expansion slot.]

Which type of memory card supports up 512 Gigabytes (GBs) of digital imaging data?

[Compact Flash (CF) was a very large card, bigger than a Secure Digital (SD) card, and had speeds rated the same as Compact Discs (CDs) and could support 512 Gigabytes (GBs) though no cards larger than 256 GB were made.]

Which of the following cases are used for high-end user personal computers (PCs)?

Mid tower case
[Mid tower cases are used for high-end user PCs. These PCs do require extra devices and adapter cards, but not as many as a server. A tower case is designed to sit vertically on a surface, so that it is taller than it is wide.]

Employees in your organization regularly need to print sensitive documents. The employees properly dispose of the hard copies of these documents. How can you ensure that electronic copies of these documents are not leaked to unauthorized users after the documents are printed?

Regularly purge the hard drive caches of all network printers.
[Most printers have a local storage device (hard drive) to use to cache print files. Someone with access to the device could be able to recover confidential information from the hard drive cache. Purging the cache regularly will ensure that no electronic data remains even after the print job completes.]

What underlying characteristic determines if a laptop's onboard wireless card can be upgraded or replaced?

If the wireless card is integrated into the system board or is independent of it
[Whether or not a wireless card can be upgraded or replaced is based on whether the card is an integrated component of the system board or is independent of it. It is important to read the manufacturer's documentation to verify that replacing a component does not void a manufacturer's warranty guidelines. ]

You want to build a computer that can stand upright on a desk and takes up the least amount of space possible. Which case type should you select?

Micro-ATX slim tower
[Micro-ATX (Advanced Technology Extended) slim towers are designed to be able to stand upright on desks, reducing the amount of space they require.]

Which of these is a type of fiber optic connector?

Straight tip
[A straight tip connector (ST connector) is a connector used in fiber-optic cables that utilizes a bayonet-style plug and socket; used mostly for multi-mode networks. The ST connector setup allows for unidirectional communication, so two ST connectors and two fiber cables are used for bidirectional communication.]

A user has lost the charging cable for their company issued Android smartphone. You are tasked with providing them with a replacement. The user has requested to make the cable work with their device without an adapter. While you would need to know the specific make and model of the device to supply the correct charging cable, you can immediately rule out one of the following cables:

USB Type B
[USB Type B connectors are typically utilized for connecting devices such as printers and while they can provide power to devices, they are not used with Android devices.]