Objective 5.0 Hardware and Network Trouble Shooting

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When do you need to establish a lengthier procedure when diagnosing a cause?

If a new theory does not suggest itself
[If a new theory of probable cause does not suggest itself from what you have discovered so far, there may be more lengthy procedures you can use to diagnose a cause.]

Which of these is NOT a concern with a laptop overheating?

Cooler pads placed underneath the laptop
[Laptop cooling (or chiller) pads are accessories that are designed to sit under the laptop to protect a user from getting a burn from a device overheating.]

What are most persistent CD writing problems associated with?

Buffer underruns
[Most disk writing problems are connected to buffer underruns. On older devices, once the writing process starts, it cannot be paused. Therefore, if the OS does not supply data to the burner's buffer quickly enough, errors will be introduced into the disc's layout.]

In which sector on the hard drive is the Master Boot Record (MBR) located?

In the first sector of the first partition
[In the Master Boot Record (MBR) scheme, the MBR is in the first sector of the first partition. It contains information about the partitions on the disk plus some code that points to the location of the active boot sector.]

What can you determine for certain if you receive “destination unreachable” message when your ping is unsuccessful?

There is no routing information.
["Destination unreachable” means there is no routing information (that is, the local computer or an intermediate router does not know how to get to that IP address).]

How can you fix the problem of users unable to install a network printer due to their lack of permissions?

Change the network security policies for the users.
[Changing a user's network security permissions will normally have to be performed by an administrator. It is possible to configure network security policies that allow users to install printers with signed drivers.]

When troubleshooting a network issue where a single host is unable to connect to the network, what is the first thing you should do?

Check whether the network cable is properly connected.
[When troubleshooting a network issue, if a single host is unable to connect to the network, the first thing you should check is whether the network cable is properly connected.]

What is the first thing you should do when troubleshooting the built-in display on a laptop?

Connect the laptop to an external monitor.
[When troubleshooting the built-in display, first check that the video card is good by using an external monitor. Toggle the appropriate Fn key.]

What may have happened if you cannot access the configuration utility in a RAID 1?

The RAID controller could have failed.
[If you cannot access the configuration utility, then the controller itself could have failed.]

What is the first thing you should do when troubleshooting a brand-new laptop's touchscreen that is non-responsive?

Check that the screen is clean.
[If a touchscreen is non-responsive, first check that the screen is clean.]

What is a situation where "soft skills" are NOT important?

When highly technical jargon is needed.
[Employers value ""soft skills,"" such as being able to communicate and use questioning. Additionally, employers value highly technical skills, language and abbreviations, but these may confuse a user that is not technically knowledgeable.]

Which of these can cause damage to a hard disk?

Sudden loss of power
[A sudden loss of power can damage a disk, especially if it is in the middle of a read/write operation.]

How can you troubleshoot a problem with a single host’s name resolution to a local LAN network?

Run nslookup to query the DNS server.
[If you identify or suspect a problem with name resolution, you can troubleshoot DNS with the nslookup command.]

After the boot sector code loads the OS files into system memory, what can the error messages you receive on your Windows 10 computer be attributed to?

Driver problems
[Error messages received after the boot sector code loads the OS files into system memory can usually be attributed to software (or driver) problems.]

What can control whether an external display duplicates or extends the built-in one?

OS display settings
[Windows display settings control whether the external display duplicates or extends the built-in one.]

What is NOT true about troubleshooting WiFi network problems?

There may be a problem with the Ethernet NIC.
[You need a wireless NIC adapter to connect to WiFi networks. Ethernet NICs connect to wired networks.]

Which of these would cause no image to display on a monitor?

The monitor is in standby mode.
[If there is no image displayed on the monitor, make sure that the monitor is plugged in and turned on. Check that the monitor is not in standby mode (press a key or cycle the power to the monitor to activate it).]

What causes most paper jams?

Improper media and creases in paper
[Most paper jams arise because the media (paper or labels) is not suitable for the printer or because a sheet is creased, folded, or not loaded properly in the tray.]

What is true about integrated graphics in laptops?

Integrated graphics are part of the system chipset or CPU.
[Laptops often use an integrated graphics adapter that is part of the system chipset or CPU.]

What is true about RAID hardware configurations?

RAID hardware can be supported by the motherboard.
[A hardware solution means that creating volumes from an array of physical disks is an operation supported by a plug-in controller card or by the motherboard, independently of the installed operating system.]

When should you consider a workaround as solution to a non-critical IT problem?

When you want to be most cost-effective
[If the problem is not critical, and if neither repair nor replacement is cost-effective, it may be best either to find a workaround or just to document the issue and move on]

What is the first thing you should check if you cannot get your wireless, Bluetooth, or cellular data to work at all on your laptop?

Make sure the adapter is enabled.
[If there is a problem with wireless, Bluetooth, or cellular data/GPS the first check to make is that the adapter is enabled, and that airplane mode has not been enabled.]

Which of these is true about Solid State Disks (SSDs)?

SSDs use flash memory.
[Solid State Drives (SSDs) use flash memory technology offering much faster performance and less weight and power consumption than Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). SSDs are now the mainstream choice for laptops.]