Roman history key words

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Key words of Roman history

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Large stone bridge that brought clean water from the mountains to the town.


In this system, power is with the people who elect representatives in the Senate to rule on their behalf.


A group of elected people who help to run the country


The Senate was led by a Consul who would suggest new laws for the Senate to debate.


The Roman version of a lawyer

Roman Empire

Established in 27 BC by Emperor Augustus who together with the senate of Rome, created a new constitution (set of rules for a country/empire) for the great empire.


The language used by the Romans, approximately 60% of words in the English language today come from latin terms


Circular theatre used for entertainment including gladiator fighting,


A two-wheeled vehicle pulled by horses. Used in ancient racing and warfare.

753 BC

Rome is founded by Romulus and Remus.

27 BC

The Emperor Augustus establishes the Roman Empire.

AD 43

Roman Emperor Claudius invades Britain. Britain is claimed as part of the Roman Empire.

AD 60

Boudica, Queen of the Iceni, leads a rebellion against the Romans.

AD 79

Pompeii is destroyed when Mount Vesuvius erupts. It is not discovered again until 1748.

AD 312

Roman Britain is converted to Christianity by the Emperor Constantine.

AD 410

Roman soldiers are sent back to the continent to defend it from invasion. Roman rule ends in Britain.