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You're not going to meet him anytime soon.
- anytime soon

Tu ne vas pas le rencontrer de sitôt.
- de sitôt

the hat trick

le tour du chapeau

He tried to redeem himself.
- to redeem oneself
- to redeem, to buy back

Il a essayé de se racheter.
- se racheter
- racheter

The éminence grise of Quebec hockey bows out.
- to bow out
- to bow
- the reverence, the bow

L'éminence grise du hockey québecois tire sa révérence.
- tirer sa révérence
- faire une révérence
- la révérence (2)

to knock on doors

cogner les portes

He said he was confident in the success of the mission.
- he said he was
- he says he is, he says to himself

Il s'est dit confiant dans le succès de la mission.
- il s'est dit
- il se dit (2)

If I were you, I would be wary of him.
- to be wary of

Si j'étais toi, je me méfierais de lui.
- se méfier de

Terrorism has taken the life of thousands of our fellow citizens.
- to mow, to mow down

Le terrorisme a fauché la vie de milliers de nos concitoyens.
- faucher

the cycle of violence
hint: not "le cycle"
- the cycle (the gear)

l'engrenage de la violence
- (le) engrenage

I have other options.
I don't care about the other options.

J'ai d'autres options.
Je me fiche des autres options.
Kwiziq: to express "other things" use either
1) "d'autres" - non-specific things
2) "des autres" - specific things
You will never use "autres" on its own.

The group also has to its credit other well-known productions.

Le groupe a aussi à son actif d'autres productions connues.

to put under restraint
- the restraint

mettre sous contention
- la contention

Canada is also one of the world's countries which receives, proportionately speaking, the most immigrants.

Le Canada est aussi un des pays du monde qui acceuille, toute proportion gardée, le plus d'immigrants.

the bank
the shore
the bank, the shore

la berge
le rivage
la rive

It's the clients resistant to health measures who are to blame.
- resistant to (not "résistant à")

Ce sont les clients réfractaires aux mesures sanitaires qui sont à blâmer.
- réfractaire à

The mayor had sharply criticized him.
- sharply

Le maire l'avait vertement critiqué.
- vertement

He does not take good care of his businesses.
He does not care about his businesses.

Il ne prend pas bien soin de ses commerces.
Il ne tient pas à ses commerces.
(le commerce)

the combination, the jumpsuit (e.g., to do forensics)

la combinaison (2)

They scoured the Internet.
- to scour, to rake

Ils ont ratissé l'Internet.
- ratisser

to bark
the barking

(le) aboiement

The obstacles did not undermine the team's confidence.
- to undermine

Les obstacles n'ont pas miné la confiance de l'équipe.
- miner

A senior lawyer supervises the work of the new recruits.
- senior, experienced
- the recruit

Un avocat chevronné supervise le travail des nouvelles recrues.
- chevronné ('e' as in "elle") (PRR2)
- la recrue

The green pass is a key for being able to enter stores.
- the sesame

La passe verte est un sésame pour pouvoir entrer aux magasins.
- le sésame

the vegetable products

les produits maraîchers

His/her car was in the vicinity.
Hint: not "était a proximité" or "était dans les environs"

Sa voiture était dans les parages.

If your investigation is so demanding, why aren't you with her?
- demanding, compelling

Si votre enquête est si prenante, pourquoi vous n'êtes pas avec elle?
- prenant(e) (2)