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'Repetition is the mother of all learning.'

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    “Repetition is the mother of all learning.”
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They understand him.
They listen to him.

Ellos lo entienden.
Ellos lo escuchan.
Note: direct object
(escuchar, entender)

They spoke to him in English.
They responded to him in English.

Ellos le hablaron en inglés.
Ells le respondieron en inglés.
Note: indirect object
(hablar, responder)

The urgency wasn't only because it was getting dark.
- the urgency (not "la urgencia")
- to get dark (impersonal verb)
- to darken (transitive)

El apremio no sólo era porque estaba oscureciendo.
- el apremio
- oscurecer (impersonal verb) also: oscurecerse
- oscurecer (transitive)

Don't be so argumentative.
- argumentative, aggressive

No seas tan peleanero.
- peleanero/a (L.A.)

Out there, there is someone for me.
- out there

Allá afuera, hay alguien para mí.
- allá afuera

to enlist in the army
- to enlist (2)

enlistarse en el ejército
- enlistarse (L.A.), alistarse

the discretion

la discreción

the illogicality (the lack of logic)

la falta de lógica

I tried to reason with her.

Traté de entrar en razón con ella.

At least the pregancy made her come to her senses.
- the pregnancy
- to come to one's senses

Al menos el embarazo la hizo entrar en razón.
- el embarazo
- entrar en razón

with the flames on their heels
lit: stepping on their heels

con las llamas pisándoles los talones

crowded (not "abarrotado"), popular


Any spark could start a fire.
- the spark

Cualquier chispa podría comenzar un incendio.
- la chispa

the contractor (building, employee on contract)

el, la contratista

This car has always been reliable.
- reliable

Este carro siempre ha sido fiable.
- fiable

according to reliable sources
- reliable (2)

según fuentes fidedignas
- fidedigno/a, fiable

It's a constant reminder that much of the west coast is still on fire.
- the reminder

Es un constante recordatorio que gran parte de la costa oeste continúa en llamas.
- el recordatorio

more and more often

cada vez más a menudo

was found hanged
- to hang
- to hang oneself

fue hallado ahorcado
- ahorcar (transitive)
- ahorcarse (reflexive)

his prescription glasses

sus lentes recetados

to camp
the camper
the camp, the encampment

el, la campista
el campamento

the dental floss

el hilo dental

the Navy command
- the command (the commando)

el comando de la fuerza naval
- el comando

the trumpet

la trompeta

I haven't slept for 24 hours.
Hint: do not use present perfect

No duermo desde hace 24 horas.
- use present tense with "desde hace" (kwiz p.7)

I have lived in Madrid since September.
Hint: do not use present perfect

Vivo en Madrid desde septiembre.
- for a specific date: use present tense with "desde" (kwiz p.7)

Since when do you smoke?
Since two years ago.
- Since when?

¿Desde cuándo fumas?
Desde hace dos años.
- ¿Desde cuándo?

the paperback

(el libro de) pasta blanda
(seen on Spanish Amazon site)

the dog in his lap
- the lap

el perro en su regazo
- el regazo

risking his life
hint: not "arriesgando su vida"
- to stake

jugándose con su vida
- jugarse (pronominal)

m/Bit by bit, he was becoming breathless.
(lifeless in this context: the death of George Floyd)
- to become out of breath

Poco a poco, se quedaba sin aliento.
- quedarse sin aliento

the focus, the center

el foco (2)

the dilemma, the option

la disyuntiva (2)