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'Repetition is the mother of all learning.'

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    “Repetition is the mother of all learning.”
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You didn't make any objection.
- the objection

No pusiste ninguna objeción.
- la objeción

It's difficult not to take it personally.
- personally

Es difícil no tomárselo por lo personal.
- por lo personal

It's a relief that the new generation is so committed.
- committed, engaged (to marry)

Es un alivio que la nueva generación esté tan comprometida.
- comprometido/a (2)

The harms associated with an inaccurate census are avoidable and intolerable.
- imprecise, inaccurate
- avoidable

Los daños asociados con un censo impreciso son evitables e intolerables.
- impreciso (2)
- evitable

I ordered a party dress from the dressmaker.
- to order (not "pedir")

Encargué un vestido de fiesta a la modista.
- encargar (transitive)

The boss entrusted the project to Sam.
- to entrust

El jefe le encargó el proyecto a Sam.
- encargar (transitive)

the Republican strategist

el estratega republicano
(hard 'g')

the homogeneity

la homogeneidad
(don't pronounce the 'h')

the crossroads at which many Evangelicals find themselves
- the crossroads

la encrucijada en la que se encuentran muchos evangélicos
- la encrucijada

He flirts with white supremacists.
- to flirt
- the flirt

Él coquetea con los supremacistas blancos.
- coquetear
- el coqueto, la coqueta

the lawn mower
- the lawn (the grass)

la cortadora de césped
- el césped

the plebiscite

el plebiscito