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the emergence

el surgimiento

There would not have been independence without the involvement of that negotiation.
lit: without that negotiation involved
- there would not have been
- it wouldn't have been

No hubiera habido la independencia sin esa negociación de por medio.
- no hubiera habido (alt: "no habría habido")
- no huberia sido

the buffer state
- the plug

el estado tapón
- el tapón

Nothing can fail.
better: Nothing can go wrong.
- to fail (to rule)

No puede fallar nada.
- fallar (intrans)

The bullet missed the target.
- to miss (to fail, to rule)

La bala falló el objetivo.
- fallar (trans)

The student got the answer wrong.
- to get wrong (not "equivocar") (to miss, to fail, to rule)

El estudiante falló la respuesta.
- fallar (trans)

the napkin

la servilleta

the cutlery

los cubiertos

the nickname (not "el apodo")

el sobrenombre

the disaffection

el desafecto

the simplicity

simplista (m/f)
la simplicidad

the metaphor

la metáfora

lit: the cotton between panes of glass
meaning: a mediator, a buffer
- the cotton
- the crystal, the glass

el algodón entre cristales
- el algodón
- el cristal (2)

(Uruguay) a state created to cushion or damp down the rivalry
- to cushion
- to damp down, to cushion

(Uruguay) un estado creado para acolchonar o amortiguar la rivalidad
- acolchonar
- amortiguar (2)

when she gets close enough

cuando ella se acerca lo suficiente

Your Majesty
- the majesty, Majesty

su majestad
- la majestad (2)

as they are getting settled/comfortable
- to get settled/comfortable
(to accommodate, to adapt)

mientras se acomodan
- acomodarse
(acomodar - trans)



The country has lived between that conflict of hegemonies ...
- the conflict, the fight
- the hegemony

El país ha vivido entre esa pugna de hegemonías ...
- la pugna (a hard 'g')
- la hegemonía (soft 'g')

... without associating itself with either of them.
- to associate oneself

... sin asociarse con ninguno de ellos.
- asociarse

the class that she was teaching in the high school
- to impart, to teach

la clase que ella impartía en la escuela secundaria
- impartir (2)

such a well-balanced menu
- to balance

una carta tan bien balanceada
- balancear

the coal

el carbón

a long process of formation
- the formation

un proceso largo de conformación
- la conformación

the advance of the Imperial Japanese Navy
- the advance (not "el avance")
("el adelanto" th/a monetary advance)
- the navy, the armada

la avanzada de la armada imperial japonesa
- la avanzada
- la armada (2)

its expansionist zeal in Asia
- the zeal (not "el celo") (the eagerness)
- expansionist

su afán expansionista en Asia
- el afán
- expansionista

the colony of Indochina which encompassed what we know now as Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia
- to encompass

la colonia de Indochina que englobaba lo que ahora conocemos como Vietnam, Laos y Comboya
- englobar

the financial assets
- the asset (not "el bien")

los activos financieros
- el activo

the embargo

el embargo

the oil field, the deposit

el yacimiento (2)

the blockade, the block (sports)
the writer's block

el bloqueo (2)
el bloqueo del escritor

the demands of the United States
- the imposition, the demand

las imposiciones de Estado Unidos
- la imposición (2)

Go to the bakery and, on the way, go to the store.
- on the way, en passant

Ve a la panadería y, de paso, ve a la tienda.
- de paso