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The hunter finished him off with his rifle.
- to finish off

El cazador lo remató con su rifle.
- rematar

the coup de grâce

el tiro de gracia

the twelve members of the jury and the ten alternates
- the alternate

los doce miembros del jurado y los diez suplentes
- el, la suplente

Belen's life is in danger.
Hint: not "está en peligro"

La vida de Belén está corriendo peligro.

an orange-tinged light
- orange
- the orange

una luz de tono anaranjado
- anaranjado/a
- el anaranjado

the LED flashlight
- the LED

la linterna de led
- el led

a third injunction request
- the injunction (the protection)

una tercera solicitud de amparo
- el amparo

You should have thought of it before starting the little joke.
lit: you would have thought of it
(th/ an idiom)

Lo hubieras pensado antes de empezar con la bromita.

a demon with jeans and curls
- the curl, the curler

un demonio con jeans y rulos
- el rulo (2)

a look filled with hate and evil
- the evil

una mirada llena de odio y maldad
- la maldad

Are you ready for us to start the ceremony?
lit: for that we give start

¿Estás listo para que demos inicio a la ceremonia?
(note subj)

the congestion
to congest

la congestión

She didn't come here by choice.
lit: by own decision

No vino hasta aquí por decisión propia.

the condom

el condón

The electricity demand comes close to a historic level.
- to come close to, to brush against (trans above)

La demanda eléctrica roza un nivel histórico.
- rozar (2)

It was the perfect place for a crime.

Era el lugar perfecto para un crimen.

They make signs to him, conveying to him that they must enter.
lit: giving him to understand

Le hacen señas, dándole a entender que deben entrar.

the indigenous peoples
- indigenous (not "autóctono")

los pueblos indígenas
- indígena (m/f)

the tunic

la túnica

the seniority (the antique, the antiquity)
senior (ancient, antique)

la antigüedad

a place where formerly animals were sacrificed
- formerly (not "antaño" "anteriormente"), in the past

un lugar en el que antiguamente se sacrificaron animales
- antiguamente (2)
(sacrificarse m/pronominal passive)

the wool, the cloth (not "la tela" "el trapo")

el paño (2)

The Department of Justice is weighing [imputing] criminal charges against Trump.
- to ponder, to weigh
- to impute (to charge)

El Departamento de Justicia pondera imputarle cargos criminales a Trump.
- ponderar (2)
- imputar

None of them put up resistance.
- to put up resistence

Ninguno de ellos opuso resistencia.
- oponer resistencia
(oponer - to oppose)

Victor insisted on organizing a human sacrifice.
- to insist on (not "insistir en"), to endeavor to

Victor se empeño en organizar un sacrificio humano.
- empeñarse en (2)

Ivan got his first promotion in the police.
- the promotion (not "la promoción") (the ascent)

Iván consiquió su primer ascenso en la policía.
- el ascenso

Perhaps in the future they were even married.

Tal vez en un futuro hasta se casaban.

The majority were (the type) to talk a lot.

La mayoría era de hablar mucho.