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He quickly gets down to work.
lit: puts hands to the work

Rápidamente se pone manos a la obra.

They didn't have the licence plate number.
- the patent, the license plate (el Cono Sur) (not "la placa" "la mátricula" "la chapa")

No tenían el número de patente.
- la patente (2)

Maybe they are already on a plane.

Quizá ya están arriba de un avión.

Putting yourself in the fetal position will ease your back pain.
- fetal
- to palliate, to ease

Ponerte en posición fetal paliará tu dolor de espalda.
- fetal
- paliar yo palío

the palliative care
- palliative

el cuidado paliativo
- paliativo/a

They had to keep going, no matter what.
- no matter what (not "a como dé lugar")

Debían seguir adelante, cueste lo que cueste.
- cueste lo que cueste
(note subj)

Antonio was the only lucky one who was able to sleep.
- lucky

Antonio fue el único suertado que pudo dormir.
- suertado/a

with a mixture of anger and envy
- the anger (not "la rabia" "el enojo" "el coraje")

con un mezcla de bronca y envidia
- la bronca

the relaxation (2)
to relax

la relajación, el relax

Now it only remains to hope that this promise materializes.

Ahora sólo resta esperar que esta promesa se materialice.
(materializarse: note subj)

the notoriety
notorious, obvious

la notoriedad
notorio/a (2)

They gave him a terrible beating.
- to give (in Reverso: examples with violence)

Le propinaron una paliza terrible.
- propinar

the hotel sector
- hotel

el sector hotelero
- hotelero/a

after cross-referencing information in databases
- to cross-reference (to cross)
- the database

después de cruzar información en bases de datos
- cruzar
- la base de datos

in his criminal record (not "el historial delictivo" "el registro criminal")
- the record (criminal) (L.A.)

en su prontuario de antecedentes
- el prontuario (L.A.)

to speed up the restoration of power (lit: the electric energy)
(to speed up, to sharpen, to make more dynamic)

agilizar la restauración de energía eléctrica

This way he got people to send him money.
lit: he got that the people send

Así conseguía que la gente le envíe dinero.
(note subj after "conseguir que")

to falsify
the falsification
the falsifier, the forger

la falsificación
el falsificador, la falsificadora (2)

They need to change their look urgently.
- urgently (not "con urgencia")

Necesitan cambiarse de look urgentemente.
- urgentemente

If they continue so unworried, chances are people will recognize them.
lit: the most sure thing is that
- unworried

Si siguen tan despreocupados, lo más seguro es que la gente los reconozca.
- despreocupado/a
(note subj)

You have to stop worrying/not worry about the exam. It will be easy.
- to stop worrying, to not worry

Tienes que despreocuparte del examen. Sería fácil.
- despreocuparse (2)

the disposable contact lens
(not "las lentillas")
- disposable (2)
(to rule out, to reject)
(to discard)

los lentes de contacto descartables
- descartable (L.A.), desechable

but they know very well that they have no other option
lit: does not remain to them another option

pero saben muy bien que no les queda otra opción

They must do that or risk getting caught.

Deben hacer eso o arriesgarse a que los atrapen.
(note subj)

I don't know whether to think he is a liar or is truly interested.

No sé si pensar que es un mentiroso o que realmente está interesado.

repeatedly (not "reiteradamente")


to burst/break into tears

romper en llanto