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The ball rolls in Qatar.
- to roll (intrans)
- to roll something

La pelota rueda en Catar.
- rodar (o->ue) (intrans)
- hacer rodar algo

Whether you're a fervent fan or just curious.
- fervent

Ya seas una aficionada ferviente o simplemente tengas curiosidad.
- ferviente
(note subj)

The schedule is complete.
- the calendar, the schedule

El calendario está completo.
- el calendario (2)

the wad of bills
- the wad

el fajo de billetes
- el fajo

He swears to himself (i.e., promises to himself).
(to swear)

Se jura a sí mismo.
(jurar) No "jurarse" in dictionary. Maybe emphasis?

the minefield
- to mine (e.g., coal, military), to undermine
(the mine) (the miner)

el campo minado
- minar (2)
(la mina) (el minero)

He loads the suitcase in his car.
(to load, to carry, to charge, to fill)

Carga la maleta en su auto.
(cargar (4))

The blades of grass were swaying in the breeze.
- the blade (including a knife) (the leaf, the sheet)
- to sway (to rock, to swing)

Las hojas de hierba se mecían con la brisa.
- la hoja
- mecerse

the joint operation
- joint
(jointly, as a whole)

la operación conjunta
- conjunto/a
(en conjunto)

the teacher's displeasure

el desagrado de la profesora

Everything about me seems to displease my new boss.
- to displease (intrans)
- translate: to displease him

Todo en mí parece desagradar a mi nuevo jefe.
- desagradar (intrans)
- desagradarle ("le" since intrans)

He had never ended up accepting his friend's homosexuality.
lt: had never finished

Nunca había terminado de aceptar la homosexualidad de su amigo.

against all expectations
against all odds

contra todos los pronósticos (2)

the lesbian

la lesbiana

There's a skinny olive tree in a pot.
- the olive tree
- skinny
- the pot

Hay un olivo flaco en una maceta.
- el olivo
- flaco/a
- la maceta

el apodo de la selección argentina

la albiceleste

Brazil wins in its debut and the fans go crazy.
- the fans (the hobby, the fondness) (not "los hinchas" "los fans" "los fanáticos" "la porra (L.A))

Brazil gana en su debut y la afición enloquece.
- la afición

from then on
- then (there)

de ahí en adelante
- ahí

(if she found out)
Then it would certainly be difficult to convince her.
- certainly (not "ciertamente" "seguramente")

(se ella se enterara)
Ahí, sí que sería difícil convencerla.
- sí que

a good Samaritan

un buen samaritano, una buena samaritana

The thief got in by the rooftop.
- to get in (to go into)
- the rooftop

El ladrón se metió por la azotea.
- meterse
- la azotea

those who adhere to the movement
- to adhere (not "acogerse")

quienes que se adhieren al movimiento
- adherirse (e->ie) yo me adhiero

Somebody pulled a joke on me and stuck the pages (together).
- to stick (trans) (not "pegar")

Alguien me hizo una broma y adhirió las páginas.
- adherir (trans) (e->ie)

the wildlife sanctuary
- wild

el santuario de vida silvestre
- silvestre (m/f)

a scratch on the leg
- the scratch
- to scratch (trans) (not "rascar": to scratch to relieve an itch)

un rasguño en la pierna
- el rasguño
- rasguñar (trans)

Everyone is looking at me as if I were one [more] of them.

Todos me miran como si fuera uno más de ellos.
(note subj)

the thorax, the chest (not "el pecho")

el tórax (2)

to put into practice

poner en práctica

the Holocaust denier

el negacionista del Holocausto

his nominal allies who rarely criticise him
- nominal
- rarely (2)

sus aliados nominales que rara vez lo critican
- rara vez, raramente