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He told me he would be treated here today.
- to be treated (L.A.)
(to attend, to serve, to answer the phone)

Me dijo que se atendería aquí el día de hoy.
- atenderse (L.A.)

He only looks away to see the time.
lit: deviates/diverts the look

Sólo desvía la mirada para ver la hora.

He decides to wait at least an hour.
- to decide (to set out, to seek)

Se propone esperar al menos una hora.
- proponerse

They clinched the qualification for the following round.
- to clinch (L.A.) (to tie (up))
- the qualification (the classification)

Amarraron la clasificación por la ronda siguiente.
- amarrar (L.A.)
- la clasificación
("por" - m/to obtain)

The union says that the law is going to curtail its rights.
- to curtail

El sindicato dice que la ley va a cercenar sus derechos.
- cercenar

to rectify


the locker (the box office)
(heard in a TV series from Spain)

la taquilla

the pariah

el,la paria
(emphasis on the 'pa')

We will be able to space out more and more the repetitions.
- to space out
- the repetition

Podremos espaciar cada vez más las repeticiones.
- espaciar
- la repetición

The walls were full of graffiti.
- the graffiti

Las paredes estaban llenas de grafitis.
- el grafiti

to cross the line lit: the limit

cruzar el límite

the contour, the outline

el contorno (2)

a bandage pasted to his forehead
- the bandage
- the forehead
(the front of the house)
(right next to)

una venda pegada a la frente
- la venda
- la frente
(el frente de la casa)
(pegado/a a)

the silhouette

la silueta

Antonio appears to have died yesterday.

Antonio parece haber muerto ayer.

the main classroom of the school
- main (not "principal") (older, oldest, bigger, biggest, greater)

el aula mayor de la facultad
- mayor

Tell me what you have to tell me.

Dime lo que me tengas que decir.
(note subj after imperative: uncertain/pending)

You do what you want.

Tú haz lo que quieras.
(note subj after imperative: uncertain/pending)

to purge (trans)
e.g., to purge (serve) a sentence

purgar (hard 'g') (trans)
p.e., purgar una sentencia

While the FBI is investigating Antonio's death, Pedro takes the opportunity to leave the city.
- while (not "mientras") (meanwhile)

En tanto el FBI investiga la muerte de Antonio, Pedro aprovecha para abandonar la cuidad.
- en tanto

The country has modernized a lot.
- to modernize
- the modernization

El país se ha modernizado mucho.
- modernizar(se)
- la modernización



to embezzle funds
- to embezzle (not "desfalcar"), to misappropriate

malversar fondos
- malversar (2)

with the information that he has about Maria
alt: from Maria

con la información que tiene de María (2)

He asks everywhere imaginable.
lit: in all the places
- imaginable

Pregunta en todos los sitios imaginables.
- imaginable

the orchards with date or orange groves
- the orchard (not "el huerto"), the produce farm
- the plantation, the grove

las huertas con plantaciones de dátiles o naranjas
- la huerta (2)
- la plantación (2)

the curious, the onlookers

los curiosos (2)

Don't think brute-force.
lit: roughly

No pienses a lo bruto.

the warehouse (th/L.A.) (not "el almacén") (the winery, the store (L.A.), the pantry (L.A.)

la bodega (th/L.A.)

many of the prophets, even Moses himself
Hint: not "hasta el mismísimo"

muchos de los profetas, hasta el mismo Moisés

the residential area

la zona residencial