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the anomaly

la anomalía



She had the ability to transport herself to other worlds.
- to have the ability (not "tener la capacidad")
- to transport oneself

Ella tenía la posibilidad de transportarse a otros mundos.
- tener la posiblidad
- transportarse

Pamela was transported by the music and she began dancing.
- to be transported

Pamela se transportó con la música y comenzó a bailar.
- transportarse

the power cord of her laptop

el cable de alimentación de su laptop

when she looked up to the ceiling
lit: took her sight

cuando llevó su vista hacia el techo

but in general that was fixed in just a few hours
- to be solved, to be fixed

pero en general eso se solucionaba en apenas unas horas
- solucionarse (2)

She wasn't sure which of the two options terrified her more.
- to terrorize, to terrify (not "aterrar")

No estaba segura de cuál de las dos opciones la aterrorizaba más.
- aterrorizar (2)

She was about to grab her laptop and go to the nearest bar she found.

Estuvo a punto de tomar su laptop e ir al bar más cercano que encontrara.
(note subj - th/ pending/uncertain)

Maybe her feeling was wrong.
- wrong (not "equivocado")
- to err

A lo mejor su presentimiento estaba errado.
- errado/a
- errar: [y]erro/as/a [y]an

It was better [for her], in any case, to stay at home reading.

Más le valía, en todo caso, quedarse en su casa leyendo.

she had a hard time falling asleep
- to fall asleep (not "dormirse")

le costaba mucho conciliar el sueño
- conciliar el sueño

a soothing tea
- sedating, soothing
(the sedative)

un té sedante
- sedante (adj) (2)
(el sedante)

The worst that could happen was that it was closed.

Lo peor que podía pasar era que estuviera cerrado.
(note subj: impersonal)

It was lucky that it opened right at 7.30am.

Era una suerte que abriera justo a las 7.30am.
(note subj: impersonal)

m/with their schedules flipped around

con sus agendas dadas vueltas

She had promised herself to make an effort to socialize.
- to promise oneself (to get engaged)

Ella se había prometido hacer un esfuerzo por socializar.
- prometerse
m/ "por" emotion for (?)

To avoid getting distracted every time someone entered or left the cafe.

Para evitar distraerse cada vez que alguien entrara o saliera del café.
(note subj: th/impersonal + pending aspect)

but the girl glanced at her
lit: looked at her fleetingly
- fleetingly, briefly

pero la chica la miró fugazmente
- fugazmente

she felt that something had been left unfinished/pending

ella sintió que había quedado algo pendiente
m/easier to understand: algo había quedado pendiente

the prescient dream
- prescient

el sueño premonitorio
- premonitorio/a

it never crossed her mind

nunca se le cruzaba por la cabeza

She doesn't like that the unexpected has an influence on her life.
- the unexpected, the unexpected event

No le gusta que el imprevisto tenga influencia en su vida.
- el imprevisto

something that took her out of her comfort zone

algo que la sacaba de su zona de comodidad

having to leave her house early

el tener que salir temprano de su casa

He or she was the one responsible for disturbing (lit: taking away) her solitude.
- the solitude (the loneliness)

Era el o la culpable de quitarle su soledad.
- la soledad

the detestable person who was going to intrude in “her” workplace
- detestable
- to intrude

la detestable persona que iba a entrometerse en “su” lugar de trabajo
- detestable
- entrometerse

without taking her eyes off the entrance
(to takeoff - intrans)

sin despegar la vista de la entrada
(despegar - intrans)

He had a very toned physique.
lit: very worked

Él tenía un físico muy trabajado.

a cinnamon roll

un roll de canela