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When we created Flashdecks.com, an "Open Content" flashcard website, we specifically had teachers and students in mind.

FlashDecks are simple and free for teachers. Flashcards are a great way to enhance lessons. Creating, organizing and sharing flashcard deckss is quick and easy. Traditional flashcards are a great tool for memorization and learning, FlashDecks enhances this with a suite of easy to use features. Given one session or many, students are rewarded for being self motivated learners. Get started now...

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Rapidly create flashcards using our simple interface or import spreadsheets to create flashcard decks in bulk.

All flashcard decks created on FlashDecks.com are Open Content, and are thus free to everyone, like education should be. Teachers can share their flashcards with students and other educators, or search through and use thousands of existing decks. Flashcards naturally supplement lessons in language, math, vocabulary, formulas, identification, facts, …


Creating decks of flashcards is streamlined and easy for educators. Flashcard decks are simple to edit and maintain. To ease flashcard creation further, flashcard decks can be imported and exported in bulk. Groups of flashcards can be organized by Collections, to encapsulate decks by class or subject. Since FlashDecks are Open Content, teachers aren't limited to the flashcards and decks they create, but have access to the whole world of FlashDecks to use and build from.

Students can independently and anonymously access their own, peer's or teacher's FlashDecks and Collections anonymously in any browser on any device. Ongoing feedback and statistics serve to inform students' learning. By using spaced repetition learning, students can rapidly memorize new information. With repeated usage, short-term memory can be solidified into long-term memory. Students are empowered to create and share their education with classmates, social circles and the world.

By making flashcards openly available to anyone anywhere, we at FlashDecks.com hope that we can be a tool for those who who quest to learn more.