Acids and bases

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-Acids are sour in taste
-The chemical nature of such substances is acidic
-Acid turns blue litmus red

-It gives hydrogen ion when dissolves in water
-Do not give any colour with phenolphthalein indicator

-Acids do not react with ammonium salt
-Acids are generally found in Vinegar, Curd, Spinach, lemons, Citrus fruits, Amla, Tamarind, grapes, unripe mangoes, Citrus fruits such as oranges, etc.


Bases are bitter in taste and soapy to touch
Base turns red litmus blue
The nature of such substances is said to be basic
It gives hydroxide ions when dissolves in water
It give pink colour with phenolphthalein indicator

Colour change in litmus paper

It is most commonly used as an indicator to determine the chemical nature of substance. It has mauve or purple colour in distilled water. When it is added to an acidic solution, it turns red and when added to a basic solution, it turns blue.

Neutralization process

Neutralisation is a process in which an acid solution when mixed with base solution, react with each other to produce a salt and water along with generation of heat.

Salt so produced, may be acidic, basic or neutral in nature

Antacids tablets for acidity

Sometimes when we consume spicy food, our stomach releases excess of hydrochloric acid which causes indigestion or acidity.

An antacid tablets contains base like milk of magnesia (magnesium hydroxide), it neutralises the effect of excessive acid and bring reliefs.

Organic acids

The acids which are found in plants and animals are called organic acids, for example vinegar contains acetic acid, lemon juice contains citric acid etc.


Salts are ionic compounds that contain two groups of positively charged ions (H+) and negatively charged ions (OH-). In chemistry, salt is produced when acids and bases are combined together in equal proportions.

Electric circuit

A closed path formed by the interconnection of electrical components through which electric current flows is called an electrical circuit.

What is a Battery?

A combination of two or more cells connected together is called a battery. It is formed by connecting the positive terminal of one cell to the negative terminal of another.

Electric fuse

An electric fuse is a safety device to prevent damage to an electrical circuit when excessive current flows through it.



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Compact Fluorescent lamps

Electro magnetic Field