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a random sequence of numbers
- the sequence
- to sequence

una secuencia aleatoria de números
- la secuencia
- secuenciar (trans)

the functionality

la funcionalidad

He went into the oncoming lane.
- to go into (to invade)

Él invadió el carril contrario.
- invadir

The motorcycle went onto the sidewalk and crashed into a streetlight.
- to go onto (to go into, to invade)
- the streetlight

La motocicleta invadió la acera y chocó contra una farola.
- invadir
- la farola
(chocar - intrans)



I'm nervous because they summoned me.
- to summon (to cite, to make an appointment)

Estoy nervioso porque me citaron.
- citar (trans)

Sophie got sick unexpectedly.
- unexpectedly (not "de sopetón" "de imprevisto")

Sophie se enfermó inesparadamente.
- inesparadamente

That caused the outbreak of war.
- the burst, the outbreak, the explosion
(to burst, to break out, to explode)

Eso provocó el estallido de la guerra.
- el estallido (3)

the amoeba

la ameba

the parliamentarian
to parley, to talk
(the parliament)

el parlamentario
(el parlamento)

(context: the Spanish-American war)
after which they kept Spain's possessions
- the possession
- to possess
(to keep, to stay, to become)

tras la qual se quedaron con las posesiones de España
- la posesión
- poseer: (vowel + er)
poseí poseiste poseyó poseímos poseísteis poseyeron
poseyendo, poseído

The jury should be aware of his bias.
- to be aware of (to be up-to-date with)

El jurado debe estar al tanto de su sesgo.
- estar al tanto de

if I feel like it (not "me da la gana")
they do whatever they want (not "les da la gana")
- to feel like

si se me antoja
hacen lo que se les antoja
- antojarse (reflexive pronoun "se" + indirect object pronoun + third person)

Do it again.
Hint: vos imperative

Hacelo de nuevo.
vos: replace final 'r' with 's', add accent
pensar: pensás, tener: tenés, servir: servís
vos exception: ser: sos
vos imperative affirmative: form vos as above but no 's'
pensar: pensá, tener: tené, servir: serví

the incest

el incesto

Our neighbors have interests similar to ours.
- similar (not "similar" "parecido")
(the similarity)

Nuestros vecinos tienen intereses semejantes a los nuestros.
- semejante
(la semejanza, la similitud, el parecido)

How have we reached such a level of urbanization?
- such a (i.e., of such a degree) (similar)
- the urbanization
- to urbanize

¿Cómo hemos alcanzado semejante nivel de urbanización?
- semejante
- la urbanización
- urbanizar

Next time, Pedro, keep your comment to yourself.
Hint: use vos imperative

La próxima vez, Pedro, guardate tu comentario.
(not vos: guárdate)

After two years, he became the head chef.
lit: he passed to be
- to become

Después de dos años, pasó a ser el chef principal.
- pasar a ser

The bus trip takes half an hour.
- the bus trip (not "el viaje en autobús")

El viaje en colectivo dura media hora.
- el viaje en colectivo

If you come a few minutes late, I'll have to deduct it from you.
Hint: deduct them from you
- to deduct, to discount
- the deduction (the discount)

Si llega unos minutos tarde, se los debo
- descontar (2) (o -to- ue) yo descuento
- el descuento (2)

When hurrying, it's normal to burn oneself with the heat of the burners.
- to hurry (not "apresurarse")
- the heat (the fire)
- the burner

Al apurarse es normal quemarse con el fuego de las hornallas.
- apurarse
- el fuego
- la hornalla (S.A.)

Anytime you want.
- anytime

En cualquier momento que deseas.
- en cualquier momento

Their savings are meager.
lit: scarce

Sus ahorros son escasos.

We now come to the second operational difference.
- operational

Vamos ahora con la segunda diferencia operativa.
- operativo/a (menos común: operacional)

a greater situational capacity
hint: emphasizing situational
- situational

una capacidad más situacional
- situacional

the agility

la agilidad