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Follow these steps to start up in safe mode.
- to start up (to start, to pull up)

Sigue estos pasos para arrancar en modo seguro.
- arrancar

Luis has an automated system.
- to automate
- the automation

Luis tiene un sistema automatizado.
- automatizar
- la automatización

He makes only one trip to the post office.
- the post office (the mail)

Él hace solo un viaje al correo.
- el correo

Yesterday the shipping company dispatched 20 tons of steel.
- shipping
- to dispatch, to ship

Ayer la empresa naviera despachó 20 toneladas de acero.
- naviero/a
- despachar

a cold and aloof man
(aloof, elusive, evasive)

un hombre frío y esquivo
(esquivo (3))

in order to publicize his business
- to publicise (not "publicitar") (to disclose)

para dar a conocer su negocio
- dar a conocer

cancel your subscription
- to cancel (not "cancelar") (to discharge - military)

dar de baja tu suscripción
- dar de baja

to reach adulthood
- the adulthood

llegar a la adultez
- la adultez

Luis has his low-calorie food.
- the food (the box lunch)
- light, low-calorie

Luis tiene su vianda light.
- la vianda
- light (2)

This act is punishable by up to one year in jail.
- punishable
(Engaging in smuggling is punishable (lit: is punished))

Este acto es punible con hasta un año de cárcel.
- punible
(Practicar contrabando está penado)

I wanted to tell you something.
alt: to run something by you
(to comment on, to discuss)

Quería comentarte algo.

Sandy and her husband are going to open a bakery on main street.
- to open, to establish (to put)

Sandy y su esposo van a poner una panadería en la calle principal.
- poner

This way you avoid spending all day in the post office.
lit: being all day
- to avoid (oneself), to save (oneself) (not "ahorrarse")

Así te evitas estar todo el día en el correo.
- evitarse

I don't understand why you insist so much on contradicting me.
lit: to bring me the contrary
(to insist on, to endeavour to)

No entiendo por qué te empeñas tanto en llevarme la contraria.
alt: llevarme la contra
(empeñarse en)

I’m doing it for your own good.

Lo hago por tu bien.

From our afternoon discussion several good ideas emerged.
- to emerge (not "trascender" "aflorar")
(the emergence)

De nuestra discusión de la tarde surgieron varias ideas buenas.
- surgir (intrans)
(el surgimiento)

The thief put the loot from the robbery in a sack.
- the loot

El ladrón puso el botín del robo en un saco.
- el botín

We were a hair's breadth from nuclear war.

Estuvimos a un pelo de la guerra nuclear.

the alliance

la alianza

the mentor

el mentor, la mentora

I have no doubt.
lit: in me doubt doesn't fit

No me cabe duda.

to can; canned
the canning
(the can)

enlatar; enlatado/a
el enlatado
(la lata)

the nut, the walnut

la nuez (2) plural: las nueces

but he knew the news from mutual friends

pero conocía las novedades por amigos en común

At the present time, there doesn't exist a cure for this kind of cancer.
- at the present time

Hoy por hoy, no existe una cura para este tipo de cáncer.
- hoy por hoy

the underwear

la ropa interior

It has come to my attention that you are being bullied.
lit: arrived to me the comment

Llegó a mí el comentario de que estás siendo acosado.

By the way, by chance do you need an investment?
- by chance

A propósito, ¿por casualidad necesitas una inversión?
- por casualidad

the capital
the capitalism
(the capital city)

el capital
el capitalismo
(la capital)

OK, it's your loss.
lit: you miss it

Okay, tú te lo pierdes.